Areca palm leaf plates

100% natural, biodegradable & non-toxic

The Areca palm (Areca Catechu Linn), is extensively cultivated in South India as a cash crop, gives a strong and supple material that is amenable to various shaping. This product is obtained from the plant leaf part, which in the course of its biological life cycle, dries, falls and degenerates. The naturally shed leaf sheath is strong, odorless, water and heat resistant. Areca palm leaf sheath has its own natural grains and characteristic texture, very much similar to those seen in furniture grade wood. The outer surface of the sheath is greenish or brown, waxy and tough, while the inner surface is creamy in color and has natural grains and glossy finish.

An added advantage with this material is that it can be used to bake foodstuff and can even tolerate microwave cooking. With such amazing properties, this raw material has been used to manufacture a variety of items of day-to-day use such as...


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